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A new bird found in the garden!

I’ve been watching a partial leucistic Blackbird in our garden. Blackbird is a very common bird in our area and this is the very first piebald bird I see. Estoy observando hace algunos días un Mirlo común con leucismo parcial. … Continue reading

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Pipistrellus roost

 We are happy to have a colony of, between 50-60, Pipistrellus pipistrellus or pygmaeus (not sure, P. Pipistrellus echolocates at 45 kHz, and P. pygmaeus at 55 kHz) under the tile roof. The common pipistrelle is the smallest bat found … Continue reading

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Hawfinches in the garden

 This spring we are having better and closer views of Hawfinch than ever.  Esta primavera estamos teniendo al picogordo más cerca que otros años. Se ha dejado ver con cierta facilidad en los patios y jardín.


Common cranes’ new record!

 More than 128,000 Common Cranes counted in winter 2013-2014 in Extremadura!, even more than last year. Large concentrations on rice and corn stubble. Amazing spectacle!. Easy to watch from the car or with a short walk..  ¡Un nuevo record de … Continue reading

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