Birding Extremadura

Enjoy the widest unspoilt habitats and range of breathtaking wealth of birds ever imagine in Extremadura. You can plan your wildlife holidays from our house by car or minibus to explore the vast expanses of steppe and every nook and cranny of this (unique) halcyon region for birdwatchers.

Extremadura is well known amongst birders for its impressive resources. About 360 species of birds have been recorded in the ecosystems of Extremadura as well as important migratory patterns such as the cranes.

75% of the region is considered an Important Bird Area which makes Extremadura unique both in Spain and Europe.

Spanish Imperial Eagles and Black Vultures head an impressive cast of raptors such us Black-shouldered Kites, Lesser Kestrels, Bonelli’s and Golden Eagles, Egyptian and Griffon Vultures, as well as other uncommon species like Eagle Owls or Black Storks.

Great and Little Bustards, Pin-tailed, Black Bellied Sandgrouse or Calandra Larks are also regularly seen in the area. Do not miss the sight of Great Bustards in Spring, one of the birding highlights of Europe!

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3 Responses to BIRDS

  1. Great shot of the Hoopoe. A very rare visitor in the U.K.

  2. Jamie says:

    Great to see a blog dedicated to birds. Keep up the great work mate.

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